Gastroenterology Module

We know that storing and reporting your patient’s findings in a searchable database are very important. According to a recently published scientific manuscript from United States called ‘Patient interest in video recording of colonoscopy: A survey’ (published at World J Gastroenterology 2010 January 28; 16(4): 458-461),  81% of patients were interested in obtaining a video recording and 63% were willing to pay for a video recording.

It is obvious that the quality of clinical reports presents your prestige and quality of your professions.

We also know that every physician request different kinds of report with different variables and format. Therefore we decided to develop individualized, physician oriented clinical reports for our customers. You can find below the report templates for different medical specialty. Report templates are for MediCap only and when you install the template, it integrates into the MediCap. You can easily start to use these reports within the MediCap.

In these report templates, you can also have individualized reports. We mean that you can determine the text including the font and color of the text which will be shown above the report’s title (It is usually the name of the medical center etc.) and the footnote which will be displayed at the end of the report.

If you want some extra changes according to your needs in the reports we can make it for you. Please get in touch with our support department for your specific report request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Available Report Modules for MediCap:

Gastroenterology v1.0

This report template is consisted of colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, Upper GI endoscopy and E.R.C.P. reports.

If you want to try Gastroenterology Module, please download it from our web site. Please kindly note that Gastroenterology Module needs MediCap installed to the computer.

Please find below the examples of the reports generated by Gastroenterology Module

Click to see the Colonoscopy Report generated by Gastroenterology Module

Click to see the Sigmoidoscopy Report generated by Gastroenterology Module

Click to see the Upper GI Report generated by Gastroenterology Module

Click to see the E.R.C.P Report generated by Gastroenterology Module