Fast Video Editing

Incredible fast video editing

MediCap proudly presents the world fastest video editing module. You will not believe in your eyes when you see MediCap in action. 

- Incredible fast video editing

- You don’t have to wait for hours to edit your video. MediCap includes an integrated video editing module. You can easily edit your recorded video within seconds. This feature of MediCap is very unique. We aware that time is very important for physicians. Editing a DVD quality video (2 hours, approximately 4 GB in size) lasts 1-2 hours with traditional video editing software. But if you have MediCap you don’t have to wait anymore. Thanks to MediCap, video editing finishes within seconds with MediCap.  

- Cut unwanted fragments or include wanted fragments and save as new video. 

- Join previously recorded videos

- Easy and comfortable video editing with well-designed short cuts keys.

- If you have videos which were not recorded by MediCap, do not worry about editing them. MediCap’s video editing module can easily handle it for you.

- Use your edited video for education.

Video tutorial---How to edit video within seconds (if the video is recorded by MediCap)?

 MediCap has lots of fantastic and unique features for medical professionals. For full feature of MediCap please click.